Why Choose DVOICE For Kenya Sip Trunks ?

Cost Effective

Reduce the costs of your marketing and customer support and choose a SIP Trunking package that best fits your needs.

Support 24/7

Get help around the clock with premium unlimited support by phone, email and chat.


Boost your productivity with Online Reporting, Billing and Account Management tools.


Scale with ease, whether you have a single office or multiple locations.

How Does A Sip Trunk Work ?

SIP Trunking uses VoIP to allow a PBX to connect to external telephone networks via the Internet. The Internet acts like a traditional telephone line, so a user can communicate with telephone subscribers that use a fixed or mobile telephone service. DVOICE uses the SIP trunks to deliver the communications from your PBX to the outside networks, and from outside networks to your PBX. SIP trunks can offer significant cost savings for enterprises, because they eliminate the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).

Business that have invested in an internal IT infrastructure are great candidates for a SIP trunk because they can easily plug it into their SIP environment – there is no upside to hanging on to existing landlines when there are tools in place for a more easily-managed, lower-cost communications solution from DVOICE that is versatile and equally reliable.

As a Kenyan SIP Trunking provider, we are able to enhance the capabilities of your software or device by providing a complete solution for all internal and external communications. Whether you have a traditional PBX or Virtual PBX, a calling card service or a call center solution, we can help you make the most of your IP investment with a SIP Trunk, which is a combined solution of DID Numbers and bi-directional channels scaled perfectly for your needs.

Ksh 1000 Fixed

  • 1 DID included
  • 1 channel
  • 200 landline/mobile minutes to Kenya numbers.
  • Additional landline calls Ksh 4.40/minute
  • Additional mobile calls Ksh 4.40/minute
  • Additional DID Ksh 1000/month

Enterprise Post Paid

  • 1 DID included
  • 1 phone line
  • Outgoing land line calls Ksh 4.00/minute
  • Outgoing mobile calls Ksh 4.00/minute
  • Additional DID Ksh 1000/month
  • Portability Ksh 1500/number
  • dedicated to businesses with more than 3000 outgoing/incoming minutes per line per month and/or average call duration of less than 2 minutes