Hosted PBX

Are you looking at replacing, upgrading or purchasing a new Telephone system for your office? Consider hosted VOIP telephony by DVOICE TECHNOLOGIES. Hosted voip telephony is increasingly popular business solution because it lets you do what a modern business needs without having to pay for or manage your own PBX hardware and software. Any size of business can fully enjoy fully featured enterprise level telephony for an affordable monthly fee. DVOICE HOSTED PBX uses cloud technology so that all users are and call traffic are connected over the internet There is no need to pay for or house or maintain costly PBX equipment.... Budgeting is simple thanks to the low cost monthly fee. To connect to the Hosted PBX service all that is required is a SIP device like an IP phone or softphone installed in a computer or Mobile phone. We will configure the system to suit your business needs and chose from a large pool of features like conferencing, video, voicemail, call forwarding, IVR, call recording, call queuing, automated attendant, and even contact center on any size. You can port your existing numbers so that no calls are lost and no costly stationary reprinting. With DOICE HOSTED PBX location does not matter. Remote and home based workers can answere and transfer calls as though they were in the office. Every one can access the full set of features wherever the work from. You just pay a fixed monthly fee plus call rates. VISIT WWW.DVOICETECH.COM for more details or send an email to or call us on 254709743000