AboutDvoice Technologies

Dvoice Technologies is a Kenyan mobile network marketing & media agency. We help our clients integrate a mobile element in their marketing plans, connecting their brands one-on-one with millions of African mobile phone users to advertise, engage and convert them to customers.

Mobile Phone Advertising Gives Your Bussiness Marketing Muscle

Mobile advertising is a growing trend that many small business owners are looking at with awe and are seriously considering to give a try. Statistics of mobile phone penetration is illustrated below

  1. Sponsored Mobile call platform allows subscribers to place free convenience calls as long as they first listen to audio clips (Campaign messages) from sponsors.
  2. A perfect opportunity for advertisers to deliver targeted one-on-one messages
  3. Attentive and captive audience
  4. Measurable results - you can get real analytics for each campaign.
  5. Customer feedback: Advertisers can interact with the callers using SMS IVR
  6. Call the toll free number 0800XXXXXX
  7. Input the 10 digit mobile number that you intend to call in the format 07XXXXXXXX
  8. Listen to the sponsor’s message
  9. Or use pause dialing in the format 0800XXXXXX,07XXXXXXXX and listen to a message as you wait for call to connect
  10. At the end of the call the caller will receive an SMS with an advertiser’s message and the called Party will receive a message saying that the call was sponsored by the advertiser
  11. Dvoice Technologies innovative platform:
  12. increases your outreach
  13. communicates more efficiently
  14. addresses language barriers and literacy issues
  15. works on all phones - feature phones and smartphones
  16. No smartphone necessary
  17. No data or airtime required.
  18. Managing campaigns is easy.
  19. The Dvoice Technologies Platform allows for easy creation of campaigns that are customizable to the advertiser’s preferences.

Each Advertiser is allocated full control over preferences such as dates, times, budgets, product interests and profiles..

  1. Measuring campaign results is transparent.
  2. Reports and analytics are available on request
  3. Only adverts that have run for more than 10 seconds are billed.

Dvoice Technologies can send you on request an interactive SMS to collect customer feedback.